Saturday, January 9, 2010

My First [Real] Blog!

So this is it! My first [real] blog, and it's for CLAM, my online class that I am taking from Clemson while studying abroad! If my memory serves me correctly, I had a blog (or livejournal, I'm pretty sure it's the same) in ninth grade. I'm sure if I somehow found it now, I would be completely embarrassed at all of the ridiculous things that 14-year old me was thinking.
I am really excited about this class! I work in the camera department at Best Buy, and took two years of photography in high school, so I am mostly excited about taking advantage of some great photo opportunities once I am in Scotland.

I found the introductory materials to be very helpful. They answered all of the questions that I had and were entertaining at the same time, imagine that!

I look forward to experiencing Scotland's culture, blogging more, and reading about my classmate's experiences!

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