Saturday, January 30, 2010

CLAM #4: My People

This is where I live, I guess you could say that these are "my people." Myrtle Beach, SC is pretty much the Jersey Shore of the South (the TV show too, I guess). In the Summer it is packed with mostly obnoxious tourists, and in the Winter it is a ghost town that still somehow manages to have large amounts of traffic. The locals are nice, full of Southern hospitality, they pretty much have to be in a town that survives off of tourism. I think individuality is a really big thing here, as it is on the country-wide level. I think with the Long Term Orientation in Myrtle Beach would be about the same as for the US. We have a disposable mindset, that we don't have to take care of material things because they can just be replaced, but we do want to show our culture and ensure that others appreciate it too. I think that in the US in general, the masculinity isn't that bad, when you compare it to other countries. Men mostly hold offices, and have more authority, and there are more stay-at-home moms than dads. In the South there is generally a more traditional view of gender roles, but it is definitely becoming more equal in the country, which also contributes to the Power Distance. Even though Myrtle Beach is kind of kitsch-y it still has a good history, and the area just south of us has rich history with plantations and the old south.
My family has actually hosted two exchange students. When I was a junior in high school we had Kate (Kateryna) from Ukraine, and this year we have Justin (Lai Sung Yau) from Hong Kong. It has been a great experience both times, but Justin fits in really well with our family.

This is Justin and my little brother Jeff on Christmas. Justin gave us these really cool Chinese shirts, as you can see below:

We've tried to show our exchange students how our country works, and I think the regional, local, and familial portions of our culture kind of were wrapped up in that. It's kind of one big package of information. It is important to take them places around the country, and explain how the cultures vary from region to region. They should also take place in our holidays, like Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. It's mostly just showing them how you live your life, and they pick up the quirks along the way.

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  1. I bet you write an entire volume on the cultural story that the "kitschy" techne/archon tells about Myrtle Beach!