Thursday, January 14, 2010

How I Use Social Media

Social media is everywhere we turn these days. It's on our phones, computers, video games, on TV, EVERYWHERE! It has changed how we meet people, how we then get to know them (the term "Facebook stalking" comes to mind), and mostly how we learn what happens in others' lives. I would have no idea which of my high school classmates were married and/or pregnant, who is dating whom, who just got a new puppy, or any other number of things without Facebook and Twitter. Personally, the only social media sites I am active in are Facebook and Twitter, and now this blog.

Facebook seems to have taken over the lives of college students, and now their younger brothers and sisters, parents, and even grandparents. I hate to admit it, but I do get sucked into it sometimes. It's completely ridiculous, but also ridiculously entertaining and informative.

Recently I joined Twitter, mostly because my best friend, who goes to Winthrop University, twittered (tweeted? I'm not sure of the correct terminology). It sounds pretty ridiculous when you hear what it is-140 or less words about "what's happening" that comes up on other users' feeds if they "follow" you. I just see it as an incredibly easy way to feel like I am keeping in touch with friends that are far away from me.

I also have a YouTube account that I've never uploaded any videos to. In case you feel the need to keep up with what I'm up to in the world of Social Media, here are the links to my pages:

I know, I'm extremely creative with my usernames. That's all for this week's assignment! Till next time!!

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  1. Tweeted would be the correct term ;)

    Twitter is the site, and tweets are what its users have tweeted about. (Kinda confusing, but that is how it goes.)