Monday, March 15, 2010

Papers and a Fast Approaching Spring Break- not the best combo

Things have gotten pretty crazy lately. I have my first actual work due this week and next week for my classes. So far all of my academic responsibilities consisted of just going to class and attempting to stay awake while learning about bacterial growth-which is actually really difficult, but doesn’t require any real effort. This Thursday I have a presentation and paper due with my Biochemistry lab group on a paper that we chose about Prion transport, and then next Monday I have a paper due for Microbiology about bacteriophage therapy, which is really tantalizing, I know. And next Thursday I have another Presentation and lab report due for Biochem about the lab that we have been doing all semester involving purifying egg proteins. So yeah, the next two weeks will be great fun, but then it’s SPRING BREAK, which I am really excited about! Here’s my plans for break:

March 26 through 30- Paris

March 30 through April 2-Athens

April 3 through 6- Rome. I’m really excited about this because we’ll be there for Easter and one of my friends is trying to get us tickets to Easter Mass at the Vatican, which would be unreal! Also, some girls from Clemson that are also studying at Aberdeen are planning on joining us in Italy while we’re there which would be great!

April 6 through 8- Florence

April 8 through 10- Venice, and a stop to Pisa for the day sometime between Florence and Venice.

On the 10th we’re flying back to London, then I’m taking a 12 hour overnight bus back to Aberdeen so I can leave on the morning of the 12th with a Forestry class I’m taking to the Lake District of England, which I am excited about because I’ve been told that it’s gorgeous. That will be from the 12th through the 16th, and I’m contemplating going to London for the last weekend of my glorious 3-week long break and staying with one of my friends who is there for grad school. Overall, it’s going to be great. I do love Aberdeen, but it’s a fairly small city, and I’m feeling more and more broke everyday so I’ve been trying not to go out very often and spend my money on travel, which I think is much more worthy of my money anyway.

This weekend, one of my friends Suzanne and I are planning on going to Perth, which is about an hour away I think, and going to “Big Tree Country” and hiking around a bit. I’m not really sure what that is, but how could it possibly not be awesome with that name?

If anyone has recommendations for things to do/see in my spring break destinations, just let me know!

As far as the videos are going, I am trying to import a video from my camera into Windows Movie Maker, but my camera shoots in .mov and I haven't found a converter to avi or something that actually works for free yet, I don't know if anyone has any suggestions? Thanks guys, and happy daylight savings time to you EST folks (our time doesn't change until Mar 28th).


  1. If you have a PC, try "any video converter" available for free download at cnet's

  2. thanks, that worked really well!!