Saturday, March 6, 2010

CLAM #9: Video Attack!!!

So here are my ideas for my final project videos so far:
Personal: I feel like this video is going to be pretty self-explanatory. I want to do a summary of my time here, even though I will still have another month and a half until I leave when the video is done. I am especially excited to show you guys about my Spring Break. We just booked our flights and stuff today. We're doing: Paris, Athens, Rome, Florence, and Venice for two weeks. Then I am taking a forestry class that is the last week of my break in the Lake District of England, possibly the last weekend in London (I know I'm gushing but I just spent a lot of time and money putting it together and I'm pumped!). So anyway, I basically want to summarize my experience so far.
Professional: my major is Animal and Veterinary Science, so I was planning on shadowing a vet while I was here. I'm not sure what the difference in being a vet here and in the US is, but I'm sure that talking to a vet here would be good. I am really interested in finding out what the difference in schooling would be, because I know that already the higher education here is completely different: they only have to do 3 years to get a degree (the 4th year is your honors year, but pretty much everyone does it to be competitive), the class structure is much more intense and your courses are very redundant year after year.
Public Issues: The other day my classmates and I had a break during a lab while things were incubating, so we went to the "Social Space" at the campus of our school. Two of my classmates got into a pretty heated argument about whether or not Scotland should become an independent country. I am ashamed to admit that, before I came here, I thought that Scotland was a country, but it isn't. It's part of the United Kingdom, which includes England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. So right now, I kind of want to look more into that, because I really don't know enough about it now to form an opinion.


  1. i'm interested to hear about what it is like to be a vet in a different country! good luck with your research:)

  2. The Public Issues idea seems like it would educate most of us outside the UK. (If you can explain the difference between England, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom - then we would all owe you a tip of the hat!)