Monday, February 22, 2010

Lazy Monday

Another update! I keep telling myself everyday that I am going to post something, and I almost did the other day, but my computer randomly shut off. Regardless, I've been lazy (again) so here is some more update! Last week was great. We went to our first Football (Soccer) game here in Aberdeen. There is a pro Football Club here that plays in the Scottish Premier League, and we played the Raith Rovers. We're still not really sure what the mascot is. I believe it is the Reds, but there was a bull named Angus in a Jersey that walked around at the beginning and we never saw again.
It was really crazy, and lots of fun! It was very similar to an American Football game. There was a lot of yelling, especially by old Scottish men. Luckily we couldn't really understand them, but I'm sure there were some expletives thrown out there frequently, because we lost. It was really sad, and close. The opposing team's fans were absolutely crazy, I guess there are a lot of them that live around Aberdeen or are students here. Here's a video of the game, nothing crazy goes on, but I just want you to hear the opposing fans:
They even had a fence between our fans and theirs, and at the end of the game they had a ton of security guys there to keep them from charging the field I guess. So I guess the fashion for fans here is to wear a scarf with your team name/colors on it, instead of shirts, hoodies, etc. There are jerseys, but they only sell them at the stadium and they're quite expensive. Regardless, here is my awesome scarf, it was super warm!
This weekend we went to Loch Ness with the International Society from the University. Surprisingly there wasn't a lot to do there, I was sure that it was going to be really touristy, but it wasn't. We went to Urquhart Castle, which is right on the Loch.
Here is the view of the castle from a boat ride on the Loch that we took after the castle. It was a gorgeous day, even though (who I pretty much never trust anyway) said it would snow all day, which was a complete lie. It was a great day. We got off the boat and went to a gift shop on the other side, then got back on our bus and drove to a "soup village" where we got to try good soup and eat giant/delicious pancakes. Here is the ghetto statue thing of Nessie they had at the end of the boat ride, and my giant pancake from Baxter's soup.

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