Friday, February 19, 2010

CLAM #7: Photog= Photo+ Blog

I love taking pictures! I took two semesters of film photography in highschool, and it's one of my dreams to have a dark room in my house when I grow up. I also work in the camera department at Best Buy. Being surrounded by cool cameras all the time at work plus an employee discount pretty much guaranteed that I would spend too much money on a camera. So I got a Nikon D60 a little over a year ago, and I love it! Here are some photos that I took with it, some while here and some while home:
When I take pictures I think that lighting is so important. I really don't like to use flash, so a lot of the time I turn the flash off on my camera. At night, I am usually forced to use my flash because I usually don't want to set up a tripod or anything. Below is an example of that, and also the Rule of Thirds; it is a tree frog on the glass door of my house in Myrtle Beach.

Here is another example for lighting: we went on our hike to Dunnottar Castle a couple of weeks ago and it was fairly overcast, which I think is the perfect weather for good contrast-y photos (yes I know I am using quite technical terms, I hope you can understand them). But there were a ton of ducks under this bridge as we walked along the coast of the North Sea. This is one of my favorites, I do love natural lighting the best!

Here is another example of lighting, and also of horizontal versus vertical. I took this in my room here in Aberdeen, with the help of my desk lamp pointed at the shoes. My poor TOMS, I keep trying to pretend that they are suitable for wear in the rain and/or snow. They'll live though:

Here is my final example, and it is horizontal versus vertical: I took a picture of the same subject, one vertical and one horizontal. It snowed like crazy today, so I was kind of terrified to get my camera wet. But this is a statue on our campus:


  1. I love all of your pictures! You have quite an eye :)

    I think my favorite is of your Toms, because my Chacos feel (and look) just as over-used and loved.

  2. I liked the horizontal statue shot - good foreground/background relationship gave me a context and a good feeling of depth.